- I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1999 with a BS from Haas School of Business.

- I’ve worked in finance for 11 years.

- I started my finance career in 1999 working for a start-up hedge fund research company in San Francisco.

- From 2001-2005 I was a Senior Hedge Fund Research Analyst at an asset management firm in New York.

- I’ve been a Director at an asset management firm in Los Angeles since 2006.

Why I’m writing a blog

I’m one of the lucky ones who has worked in the two industries that have blown up in the last ten years; I was working for a start-up dot-com in 2001 when the dot-com and technology bubble burst, and I’ve been perfectly situated in the finance industry since then, which conveniently blew up a few years later in 2008. 

On my blog I’ll share lessons I’ve learned over the last 11 years while working in finance. 

If we talk about what the stock market did today, I’ll tell you why it means something to you; I care about things you can control.

I’ll help you understand money as it relates to your relationships, human behavior, & current events that have a direct impact on your finances. 

Definitely drop me a note if you have questions, I respond to all my emails and love hearing from you!

Thanks for swinging by and talk soon,