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I know, it’s becoming excruciatingly painful to watch these jokers debate.  Cain “can’t recall” anything, maybe not even his wife Romney needs to pull the stick out of his you-know-what Gingrich needs to leverage holiday season a little more, I mean, he really does look like Santa Claus? Huntsman is just way too sensible for [...]

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Do this, or stop complaining

Twenty-seven-year-old Los Angeles gallery owner Kristen Christian (with a really confusing name) is running full steam ahead with her Bank Transfer Day initiative. You might want to get involved, and not just because she’s hot.  If you don’t know what Bank Transfer Day is, you missed it, it was Saturday November 5th. But don’t worry, [...]

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HOLY CRAP: Simple chart on why the economy is in the TOILET, and how you can help

I just picked up this chart of household debt-to-income over on Business Insider. They got it from the St. Louis Fed, and I added the red text. The best way to think about household debt-to-income is all your monthly debt (mortgage, credit card, student loans etc.) divided by your monthly gross income.  Household debt-to-income is [...]

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MF Global – How Investors and Financial Advisors blow themselves up

Former New Jersey Governor, Jon Corzine, is getting trashed all over the news right now. Call me crazy, but usually when politicians or former politicians are getting hammered in the news, I assume it has something to do with sexual harassment (ah hem, Herman Cain). But not this time.  WHY MF GLOBAL JUST FILED FOR [...]

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Whoa nellie! what just happened in Europe?

I’m sure you’re CHOMPING AT THE BITS about this Europe news that sent the stock market soaring yesterday; soaring, as in, up over 3% in one day. QUICK AND DIRTY 3 POINT GUIDE TO EUROPE NEWS Europe leaders came out with some big news yesterday; they’re committed to not letting Greece default on its loans. [...]

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